The Educational Research Institute (ERI) is the central research institution in Slovenia for research in education undertaking basic research, development and applied projects on issues of current interest in all sectors of education and related areas.


The Educational Research Institute was established in 1965 by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia, as an institute devoted to the study of education. From 1970 the ERI was associated with the University of Ljubljana until the 1995 when, with an act of the Government of Slovenia, ERI obtained the status of the public research institution and thus became an independent research institute.

ERI is a founding member of the European Educational Research Association (EERA).


The Institute performs its activities in the context of the national research programme as a public service. The Institute also performs activities for other clients, to the extent and in the manner determined by the programme of development and the annual plan. In connection with current research, the main activities of the Institute are additionally:

  • linking with related domestic and international institutions,
  • meeting the status, staff and infrastructural conditions for inclusion in permanent networks of international educational research (OECD, IEA studies, Council of Europe, etc.),
  • training and post-graduate education of researchers, consultation and the dissemination of the results of research work,
  • directing research into fields which are strategically important for Slovenia,
  • organisation of seminars, professional meetings and international conferences,
  • co-operation of the associates of the Institute in graduate and post-graduate pedagogic work,
  • inclusion in international research activities,
  • Educational research programme (1999-2004).


The Educational Research Institute publishes scientific works containing results arising out of formal research undertaken at the Institute, theoretical and empirical papers contributing to the development of educational theory, and discussion articles on research topics. The ERI has been coeding with the Slovene Society of  the Researchers in The School Field, an international journal of theory and research in education, published twice a year as a two double issue in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Starting in 2003, the journal will be published by SAGE, under the title »Theory and Research in Education«. The aim of the journal is to situate the issue of education and its practices in the context of contemporary theoretical debates by questioning its usual boundaries, and to discuss general conceptions that correspond to current social changes and the development of educational theory.


The library of the Educational Research Institute has the status of a public library and carries out loan, purchase and cataloguing of professional literature, and at the same time supplies additional professional literature required for research work. It provides information services, such as direct search of the contents of external librares, CD-ROM databases, access to mutual information sources, inter-library loans, and keeps bibliographies of research staff. At present, the Library of the Institute holds about 6.500 books and documents, and receives 60 journals on education and social sciences regularly. The Documentation Unit also compiles special bibliographies, tailor-made for specific research projects.


Almost all funding is obtained from funded research. The regular budget, mainly for the working of the Institute comes from the Ministry of Science and Tehnology. Applied and developmental research is partly or wholly finances by national agencies, foundations and other organizations.


Common matters in the fields of legal, administrative, financial, accountancy, personnel, information and documentation, general and other tasks required for the activities of the Institute are performed by the administration.

The acting director:
Dr. Igor Ž. Žagar