Review procedure

  1. Submitted articles are reviewed by the editor/editorial board to check that they fall within the scope of the journal and comply with the instructions for authors. Every article is checked for plagiarism using Turnitin software.
  2. Articles that fall within the scope of the journal are forwarded to two unnamed, independent, acknowledged experts in education research and the specific field addressed by the article, for peer review.
  3. The peer reviewers send their independent reports to the editor/editorial board, normally within one month.
  4. The final decision is taken by the editor/editorial board on the basis of the reviewers’ reports. At this stage the editor/editorial board either: a) rejects the article and notifies the author, giving the reasons for its rejection; b) accepts the article for publication and notifies the author accordingly; or c) asks the author to revise the paper.
    The author suggests a category for the submission, but the final decision is made by the editorial board on the basis of the peer reviews. Šolsko polje publishes original scientific research articles, scientific review articles, short scientific articles, expert articles, etc. The review process normally takes three months, and the author is notified of the outcome as soon as possible.
  5. If the article needs to be revised, the editorial board decides whether the amended version needs to be peer-reviewed a second time, or whether the revisions can be reviewed and approved by the editor/editorial board. In making this decision, the editorial board will be guided by the views of the peer reviewers.
  6. The final decision as to whether or not to publish the revised article rests with the editor/editorial board.
  7. After submitting the article for publication, the author is asked to sign a Declaration of Originality, an Ethical Statement and a Copyright Assignment Agreement. In order to ensure both the widest dissemination and protection of material published in Šolsko polje, we ask authors to transfer to the publisher (Slovenian association of school field researchers) the rights of copyright in the articles they contribute. This enables the publisher to ensure protection against infringement.
  8. A language editor edits the article for style and grammar, etc., and the author reviews and confirms the edits no later than seven days after receipt of the revised text.
  9. A technical editor drafts the layout of the article and sends it to the author in PDF format for review. At this stage it is no longer possible to change graphics or large sections of text. The author must complete the review no later than seven days after receipt of the layout.
  10. The article is published.