prof. dr. Pavel Zgaga

Dr. Pavel Zgaga is a professor of philosophy of education at the Faculty of Education at the University of Ljubljana. He was a leader or a member of research groups in many domestic and international projects related to conceptual issues of education and education policies, especially in the field of higher education studies. He published around 120 scientific articles or chapters in journals and monographs and 7 authorial monographs in these fields at home and internationally. He is a member of editorial boards in several international scientific journals. In his field of expertise, he works with various international organizations (eg. the Council of Europe, the European Commission, UNESCO, OECD, etc.), and has been invited to many countries as a lecturer and consultant. In the period following Slovenia’s independence, he has worked as State Secretary at the Ministry of Education and Sport (1992-1999) and later as Minister of Education and Sport (1999-2000). After returning to college he co-established the Center for the Study of Educational Policies (CEPS, 2001) and he is its head since. He was the Dean of the Faculty of Education (2002-2004). In 2006, he received a state award in the field of education, for his contribution to research. In 2007, the Swedish University of Umeå awarded him an honorary doctorate, and he received the Golden Plaque for his work that same year at the University of Ljubljana. In 2010, he encouraged the establishment of the Slovenian Society for Educational Research, which he led until 2017, and was also a member of the Council of the European Federation of Educational Researchers (EERA).