Research Activities

The research activities of the Educational Research Institute include research ranging from fundamental research in the field of social sciences and humanities, connected at the interdisciplinary level, to applied and empirical research. In individual areas, said research joins its current and modern counterparts and is implemented by keeping in mind the interaction of summarising external and developing internal concepts in the framework of the theory of upbringing and education. The subject matter of said research includes studying social and communicational processes in the field of upbringing and education, with an accentuated interest in the Slovenian context.

Being included in international research projects is an important source of obtaining comparative findings on the functioning of the upbringing and educational system which, inter alia, serves as a starting point enabling the evaluation of the quality of upbringing and educational processes on the national level, and contributes to discovering issues and dilemmas in the framework of teaching practices.

Research results are available in scientific monographs, source collections, central national and international professional journals, themed publications, textbooks, and other separate publications. Many of them have been published as publications of the Educational Research Institute. Pages including individual research or study shall also indicate how to access electronic reports detailing said research.

The Institute’s researchers work in various research centres where they combine research work in a certain material scope, and prepare presentations for national and international scientific gatherings, symposiums, and conferences, as well as presentations for specialised public and scientific publications.