Centre for Applied Epistemology

The Research Centre for Applied Epistemology is geared towards exploring epistemological, sociological, macro- and micro-social, communication, and pedagogical aspects of knowledge. Some of the most important research projects in this field are considered to be the international research studies (in the field of knowledge) coordinated by the following international centres: International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement – the IEA (TIMSS, PIRLS, CivED/ICCS, SITES/ICILS), Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development – the OECD (TALIS, PISA), and European Commission – the EC (ESLC). The Centre is divided into three departments: the Department of IEA Studies, the Department of OECD and EU Studies, and the Department of Curricular Analyses and Knowledge Theories. Within the framework of the Educational Research Institute (and of the whole of Slovenia), the Centre coordinates the aforementioned international comparative research studies conducted by the IEA and by the OECD, through its own national coordination centres set up for this purpose. Analyses of the development of educational policies also represent an important scope of action of the Centre. In terms of content, the research of the members of the Centre for Applied Epistemology can be divided into the following contextual groups:

  • theories of knowledge and international research studies in the field of knowledge,
  • policy-making in the field of education (curricular policies; educational policies),
  • textbooks and teaching materials (e-textbooks, e-learning materials).

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