Organisational Chart

Joint Services/Administration

The Department of Joint Services/the Administration carry out tasks related to the fields of management, law, finance, accounting, personnel, administration, information and documents.


Organisational units:

  • Accounting;
  • Technical and Administrative Service;
  • Library;
  • Information and Documentation Service;
  • Secretarial Service.

The Department of Joint Services/ the Administration is managed by the Secretary of the Educational Research Institute who is responsible for the legal, organisational and general tasks, for monitoring staff policies, and for representing the Educational Research Institute upon authorisation.


Secretary of the Educational Research Institute:
Irena Nebec
Phone: +386 (0)1 42 01 244


The Director of the Institute is responsible for organising, managing and coordinating the work, business transactions, and research activities at the Institute; representing the Educational Research Institute; and ensuring the lawfulness of its business transactions and work. The term of office of the Director is five years and can be renewed for another five-year period.


Director of the Educational Research Institute:

Professor Dr Igor Ž. Žagar, Scientific Councillor

Address: Educational Research Institute, Gerbičeva 62, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Tel: +386 (0)1 420 12 41



Board of Directors

The Board of Directors examines and adopts the Statute and other general measures, the Development Programme and annual work plans; examines the initiatives proposed by the Scientific Council; and adopts decision on the aforementioned measures; nominates and dismisses the Director; and carries out other tasks in accordance with the law.


The Board of Directors of the Institute consists of five members, of which:


  • two members are nominated by the founder, whereas one of them is nominated by the Ministry responsible for research activities, and the other is nominated by the Ministry responsible for education;
  • two members are nominated by the Scientific Council of the Institute and are chosen among the users of the Institute having a long-term interest in connecting the research activities of the Institute, or among the interested public. The appointed members chosen among the users of the Institute must not come from the same institution;
  • one member is elected by the employees of the Institute and is chosen among themselves.


The mandate of the Board of Directors is of four years. The President of the Board of Directors is elected by the members of the Board of Directors and is proposed to the Minister responsible for science who then nominates him/her.


The Board of Directors consists of the following members:

  • Aleš Ojsteršek, the President
  • Petra Tramte, Member
  • Dr Damjan Štefanc, Member
  • Dr Veronika Tašner, Member
  • Suzana Geržina, MA, Member

The Scientific Council

The Scientific Council of the Institute was establish for the purpose of handling research and scientific aspects of the research process and other programme concerns related to the functioning of the Institute, and making decisions related to said aspects and concerns. It proposes long-term orientation of the research and developmental work of the Institute, and determines professional bases for the work programme and for the development of the Institute.


Dr Valerija Vendramin


Dr Ana Kozina


Dr Alenka Gril
Dr Jerneja Jager
Dr Eva Klemenčič
Dr Zdenko Kodelja
Dr Marjan Šimenc
Dr Darko Štrajn
Mojca Čuček, MA
Dr Igor Ž. Žagar
Dr Janja Žmavc