Collected Works of Primož Trubar

The Collected Works of Primož Trubar are a large national publication project. Its purpose is to “round up the existing scientific efforts in order to illuminate the work of the first Slovenian writer” (Igor Grdina).

By publishing all articles written by our reformer and displayed in their least interpretative critical scientific edition, the purpose of this collection is also to make sure that Trubar’s work is, primarily, made available to modern readers, thus encouraging further research of the aforementioned period within different disciplines.

Scientific editing project The Collected Works of Primož Trubar are not a result of conventional editing; rather, they owe their creation to more than two decades of fundamental research work between editing work and critical scientific edition. The published works of Trubar are, namely, accompanied by appropriate scientific discussions that are more than just comments, which is standard practice when it comes to publishing works written by Slovenian poets and writers between the 18th and the 20th century; rather, these discussions are studies including, at the very least, historiography, literary science, imagology, and history of ideas and religious beliefs. Without relevant studies explaining the “mental dictionary” of the time when Trubar’s works were created to the reader in scientific depth, the texts of the first bishop of the Slovenian Protestant Church and the first Slovenian writer – the author of the first Slovenian book – would mostly be unintelligible for today’s readers centuries after they were written.


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Zbrana dela Primoža Trubarja (planirane prve elektronske, pregledane in dopolnjene izdaje zgolj v tiskani obliki izdanih knjig Zbranih del Primoža Trubarja)

  • Zbrana dela Primoža Trubarja 5: Jonatan Vinkler (ur.), Ta celi psalter Davidov 1566 (predvideni izid: 2019)
  • Zbrana dela Primoža Trubarja 4: Jonatan Vinkler (ur.), Kancionali Primoža Trubarja (predvideni izid: 2020)
  • Zbrana dela Primoža Trubarja 3: Jonatan Vinkler (ur.), Gradnja “cerkve slovenskega jezika”: Articuli 1562, Cerkovna ordninga 1564, Ta slovenski koledar 1557/1582 (predvideni izid: 2021)

Uredniki Zbranih del Primoža Trubarja:

  • prof. ddr. Igor Grdina (glavni urednik Zbranih del Primoža Trubarja I–V; 2002–2009)
  • izr. prof. dr. Jonatan Vinkler (glavni urednik Zbranih del Primoža Trubarja V–XIV in urednik ZDPT III–VI, VIII, IX in XII-XIX; 2005–2018)
  • dr. Fanika Krajnc-Vrečko (urednica ZDPT I, II in VI, VII in X; 2002, 2003, 2010, 2012)
  • Edvard Vrečko ✝︎ (urednik ZDPT XI, 2011)
  • mag. Maja Šetinc in Blaž Javornik (sourednika ZDPT IX, 2015)

Oblikovanje in prelom:

  • Matjaž Vipotnik ✝︎ (oblikovanje Zbranih del Primoža Trubarja I–V; 2002–2009)
  • ing. Primož Orešnik (prelom: Zbrana dela Primoža Trubarja IV–XIV, 2007–2018; oblikovanje: Zbrana dela Primoža Trubarja VI–XIV, 2010–2018)


Izdajo Zbranih del Primoža Trubarja pri Pedagoškem inštitutu je podprla Javna agencija za knjigo Republike Slovenije, in sicer preko večletnega projekta objave zahtevnih knjižnih del.