Educational Research Institute Publishing House

The Educational Research Institute Publishing House functions in the framework of the Educational Research Institute and is a part of its publishing activity. It publishes monographs concentrated on the research of upbringing and education.


These publications present important scientific and professional achievements of researchers of the Educational Research Institute, as well as of their colleagues in the field of educational sciences. These achievements are a result of national and international empirical or theoretical research, but are mostly formed through intertwining the two.


Some of the monographs representing research work at the Educational Research Institute are:

  • copyrighted work reflecting actual theory and practice in different environments and on different levels,
  • presentations of the results of international research projects being implemented at the Educational Research Institute,
  • materials, textbooks, and guidelines providing help for upbringing and research work (e.g. for working with marginalised social groups).


Theoretically speaking, these contributions are based on different disciplines, which is in accordance with the fundamental orientation of the Educational Research Institute, i.e. developing educational sciences and encouraging their interdisciplinary connection (sociology of education, pedagogics, linguistics, psychology, philosophy of education, …). We are striving to provide current work when it comes to the relation towards upbringing and education practices, while following modern theoretical currents.

The published works are available in book format, while some are also available in electronic format as free online publications.

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Since 2013, the Publishing House of the Educational Research Institute has functioned under the tutelage of the Editorial Committee composed of:

  • Editor in Chief: Dr Valerija Vendramin,
  • Members of the Editorial Committee: Mojca Čuček, MA, Dr Ana Kozina, Polona Ramšak Zaviršek.