Centre for Philosophy of Education

The theoretical framework of research implemented within the Centre is related to classic and modern philosophical ideas on upbringing and education. Said research includes various philosophical approaches towards analysing and interpreting epistemological, metaphysical, ethical, and political dimensions of upbringing and education. Particular attention is paid to a critical analysis of core concepts (upbringing, education, indoctrination, citizenship, tolerance, justice, equal opportunity, human and children’s rights, knowledge, patriotism, etc.).

Who we are

Areas of Research

educational philosophy, moral education, didactics of philosophy

Ongoing Projects

Concluded research projects

  • Righteousness in Education
  • Equal Possibilities in the Upbringing and Educational System in Slovenia
  • Civic Education, Values and Viewpoints of Pupils in Slovenia

International Collaborations

  • University of Birmingham, Great Britain
  • University of Rochester, USA
  • UCL Institute of Education, Great Britain

Other Activities

  • Department of Philosophy, Faculty of Arts (University of Ljubljana)
  • Faculty of Education, University of Ljubljana