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The concept of the infrastructure programme of the Educational Research Institute is to provide support for the scientific research in the field of education, mainly when it comes to implementing all necessary activities in order to provide methodological compliance of various types of data collection in the field of education, and including Slovenia into international research studies in the field of education (such as PISA, PIRLS, ICCS, TALIS etc.) that have become an important source of operationalisation of the objectives related to upbringing and education, both nationally and internationally. The added value of the infrastructure programme lies in the fact that databases are collected, sorted, and maintained in one place, in accordance with uniform, stringent technical standards, by using specific methodology and knowledge which, inter alia, also enable the possibility of international and historic comparison of the results obtained in international research. Each individual international research project is implemented periodically, once every few years; in addition to providing an overview of the state of the art, this also makes it possible to research trends related to achievements and other data, and comparing Slovenia and its upbringing and educational system on an international level with other countries.

In this manner, the scientific research in the field of education can use first results and compare results obtained through different research projects in order to create starting points and hypotheses for further research. On the other hand, scientific research and its findings provides retrospective feedback on the needs of further collection of data in the framework of a broader international research programme in the field of education that Slovenia is a part of, while critically evaluating the suitability of nationally and internationally consolidated conceptions and research methodologies. The infrastructural programme of the ERI thus establishes the foundations for creating viewpoints and hypotheses of further scientific research in the field of education, consequentially creating suggestions for amendments related to upbringing and education of a higher quality.

Thus, the principal activity of the infrastructure programme is designing and creating databases from national and international research projects, and statistically analysing said data. The knowledge that the infrastructure programme of the Educational Research Institute has been developing for many years now plays an important role in this process, since the creation of said databases requires specific approaches to statistical compilation and analyses.

Within the scope of collection, management, and maintenance of said databases, as well as when it comes to their processing, analyses, and interpretations, the Centre also cooperates with Slovenian universities and faculties when it comes to study placements, voluntary student work, and preparation of graduate theses, master’s theses and doctoral dissertations. Last but not least, the stakeholders of the Slovenian upbringing and educational system (chief among them being schools, principals, and teachers) are also important users of the results of the infrastructure programme.

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