Centre for Social and Anthropological Studies in Upbringing and Education

The Centre concentrates on interdisciplinary themes requiring a relationship between humanities and social sciences. In addition, interconnections between different branches of anthropology and their bases also provide a certain level of standing to the name of the Centre which includes “anthropology in upbringing and education” (in the Anglo-Saxon environment, the common term “educational anthropology” can also be used). As the most general part of educational studies, educational anthropology is derived from a thematisation of presuppositions related to upbringing, education and knowledge, i.e. information, which makes it a critical autoreflection of educational theories and practices.
In the framework of plural paradigm of interdisciplinarity, the colleagues at the Centre are focused on researching upbringing and education by taking into consideration the following key aspects:

  1. development of democratic education through democratic educational and political culture,
  2. introduction and justification of the meaning behind the research of “gender and education” as an inter- and multidisciplinary area, building on the presupposition that academic boundaries simultaneously also represent epistemological boundaries,
  3. reevaluation of existing knowledge through the connection of “information and power” through questioning of the Western epistemology and manners in which information is obtained,
  4. study of theoretical orientations of educational feminism,
  5. interdisciplinary explanation of the relationship between the transformation of school and information society,
  6. opening up the space for pluralisation of educational interests and the possibility of their unification,
  7. research of the influence of cultural changes on the pedagogical process and results of teaching, along with reflections on current socio-political models,
  8. exploration of the transformation of school from a transmission to a transformation medium, exploration of the meaning behind curricular reform and of numerous other curriculum-related concepts.

Who we are

Research Areas

  • anthropology in upbringing and education
  • gender and education
  • educational feminism
  • science studies and feminist epistemology

Past Projects

Individual members are currently taking part in the following projects: