Educational Research Institute


The mission of the Educational Research Institute is to develop educational sciences and suitable scientific methodologies by encouraging interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary connection, as well as collaboration with other scientific institutions in Slovenia and abroad.Through the dissemination of scientific results, we also contribute to the development of educational practice.

The Educational Research Institute implements its mission and vision through scientific research, directed towards specific thematic areas that shall be researched in an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary manner, through contributions provided by different education sciences: sociology of education and knowledge, comparative education, philosophy of education, pedagogical anthropology, developmental, pedagogical, and social psychology, pedagogy linguistics, feminist theories, epistemology, discourse studies, critical theory of society, etc.

Thematic clusters of our research:

  1. Development and research of the quality of preschool upbringing and education
  2. Monitoring and promotion of the efficiency and quality of the Slovenian educational system from an international perspective
  3. Development and promotion of the research areas of feminist theory and gender studies in education
  4. Critical analysis of the role and the position of knowledge and education in the society
  5. Systematic research and development of strategies for the social inclusion of children and young people into the educational system, especially when it comes to culturally and socially vulnerable groups
  6. Promotion of the empowering of young people in order to become active citizens
  7. Development of social, emotional and motivational factors of learning and teaching
  8. Development of the field of philosophy of education
  9. Development of the field of philosophy for children
  10. Research of plurilingualism in upbringing and education
  11. Research of rhetorics and argumentation in the practice of upbringing and education
  12. Evaluating, researching and monitoring the development of higher education

The Institute is performing its activities as a public service in the framework of the national research programme. In addition, it is also carrying out activities for other contracting entities in the scope and manner determined in the Development Programme and in the Annual Plan.Main activities:

  • connecting with similar national and international institutions;
  • complying with status, personnel and infrastructure conditions in order to be included into fixed international education development networks (the OECD, IEA studies, the European Union, the European Council, etc.);
  • providing training and post-graduate education of researchers;
  • counselling and disseminating results of its research work;
  • directing research into fields of strategic importance for Slovenia;
  • organising and conducting seminars, professional meetings, and international conferences;
  • collaboration of the associates of the Institute in undergraduate and postgraduate educational work;
  • participating in international research activities.


In 1965, the Educational Research Institute was created by the then-government of the Republic of Slovenia, while the University of Ljubljana took over the founding rights of the Institute in 1970.In 1995, the Educational Research Institute became a public research institution with a Decision adopted by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia, thus becoming an independent research institution.


Internal Regulations:

Ethical Principles

The Educational Research Institute adopted the European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity.
In its work, the Educational Research Institute is bound by the Guidelines for Working with Children and Adolescents.


The research and development conducted by the Educational Research Institute are financed through a national research programme and tenders published for research and developmental projects in Slovenia and abroad.

Public Documents


Public Statement about the Role and Importance of Social Sciences and Humanities in Research Activities – a Discussion on the Necessity of Social Sciences and Humanities:

  • Public statement adopted by the Directors of institutes in the field of social sciences and humanities
  • Recording of the discussion on the necessity of social sciences and humanities organised by the Educational Research Institute and the Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts

Educational Research Institute: A few facts