Procedure for submitting publications

Rules on the publishing activities of the Educational Research Institute and Instructions for submitting publications to the Publishing House of the Educational Research Institute

  1. The Publishing House of the ERI publishes important scientific and professional achievements in the field of educational sciences which are a result of empirical and theoretical research performed by the colleagues of the Educational Research Institute.
  2. Original scientific publications are considered to be publications resulting from one’s own research work by using verified scientific instruments (evident hypotheses, objectives, purpose of research, critical analysis of the evaluation of results, suitable number of sources, citing sources, etc.)
    1. In case of publishing a Slovenian publication displaying the results of international research and/or containing a large translated portion, the Slovenian report must also be accompanied by an international report or by the appropriate original The Editorial Committee shall then decide whether the contribution of the author is important enough.
    2. In case of disagreement, the Editorial Committee can require external reviewers to state their opinion.
  3. Monographs issued in the electronic format are categorised in the same manner as the published monographs.
  4. The author is entitled to receive 2 copies of the printed publication.
  5. Any royalties can only be paid to the author after the final draft of the materials has been submitted.
  6. Materials within the same project are printed under the same public procurement contract.
  7. The Educational Research Institute shall publish the work on Svarog, while the print administrator shall be responsible for submitting obligatory copies to the NUK.
  8. Together with associated documents (masthead sample, Statement of Ownership and Transfer of Copyright…), these instructions are available at the website of the ERI.
  9. These Instructions shall enter into force on 6/12/2012, after having been adopted during a session of the Scientific Council of the Educational Research Institute.


Procedure for submitting publications with the Publishing House of the Educational Research Institute

Publication announcement: the author wishing to publish a scientific or professional publication with the Publishing House of the ERI must state his/her intention at least two months in advance to the Editorial Committee. If the publication is planned to be published during the summer months, the publication must be announced by April at the latest; otherwise, the editing process will only be terminated in September. Said announcement must contain a substantial presentation of the publication (its content, scope, meaning), the presentation of the author, and a timetable. The scope of said announcement must not exceed 10,000 characters. At the same time, the author must also communicate whether the published version will be printed or electronic.

The suitably prepared (i.e. ready from the proofreading, technical, and contextual point of view) final version must be submitted to the Editorial Committeeat least 14 days before it is planned to go to press.

The entire text must comply to one of the applicable systems (e.g. the APA, the MLA, the Author Date System) when it comes to citing and stating sources. If the text is not prepared in a suitable manner, it shall be rejected.

  1. Astatement of the author in relation to ownership and transfer of copyright must necessarily be enclosed to the text. These statements are collected by the print administrator at the ERI. If the publication includes copyrighted parts (e.g. songs, photographs), the author should also include a statement that copyright protection or suitable permissions (e.g. permissions of parents when it comes to publishing photographs of their children) have been taken care of appropriately.
  2. After the Editorial Committee decides that the work is, indeed, a scientific or professional publication, its suitability is then verified in the library of the ERI according to bibliographical criteria. The text must contain the following elements (including but not limited to):
    1. Literature,
    2. Table of Contents,
    3. Biography of the author(s),
    4. Excerpt in Slovenian and English language with keywords (an appropriate translation is the responsibility of the author),
    5. Index of names and Subject index (be it together or separately).
  3. At the same time, a sample printed copy must be submitted to the library in the form of a publication right before publishing, while the library must send a message to all employees of the ERI notifying them of it. The purpose of said sample copy is to inform employees of the ERI and for them to provide comments (any comments in writing must be submitted to the Editorial Committee in the agreed-upon deadline).
    1. This point does not apply to publications under international embargo, since they are only examined and confirmed by the Editorial Committee.
  4. For monographs, at least two peer reviews must be obtained beforehand and sent to the Editorial Committee. Authors of these peer reviews must have a PhD (except in exceptional cases, e.g. in case of an undeveloped area of research) and must also be dealing with the area covered in the publication. Both reviewers shall be listed in the masthead of the monograph.
  5. The request for obtaining a CIP must be submitted to the library of the ERI (meaning that the authors are not responsible for obtaining it themselves). Before that, authors must verify their obligations towards the financing party and present them accordingly (acknowledgements, logos, etc.) in the masthead sample. In order to obtain your CIP, you will need:
    1. the inside front cover;
    2. other front pages (i.e. up until the beginning of the content);
    3. table of contents;
    4. a suitable masthead (according to the masthead sample accompanying these Instructions) or
    5. the last proofread version.
  6. The finished electronic publication (which is not on an electronic media device, such as the online version) must be delivered to the library in triplicate on a CD or DVD (this is the archive copy that must be marked as such). Three copies must also be submitted to the library in the case of printed publications.
  7. Books of abstracts from scientific conferences or discussions are not submitted to the editorial procedure – they are under the exclusive responsibility of the Programme Committee of each of the conferences or discussions. Despite this fact, a request for the verification of the masthead and an application for obtaining a CIP must be submitted to the library of the ERI, while a suitable request must also be submitted to the print administrator.


In case of any uncertainties, the author must consult the Editorial Committee.