Four Critical Essays on Argumentation.

Avtor(ji): Igor Ž. Žagar

Vrsta gradiva: znanstvena monografija

Leto izdaje: 2021

Obseg: 150 strani

ISBN-13 (PDF): 978-961-270-336-3

ISBN-13 (HTML): 978-961-270-337-0

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Žagar, I. Ž. (2021). Four Critical Essays on Argumentation. Ljubljana: Pedagoški inštitut.

Žagar, Igor Ž. Four Critical Essays on Argumentation. Ljubljana: Pedagoški inštitut, 2021.

This book is divided into two thematic parts: the first one, Argumentation in critical discourse analysis, is dedicated to the use of topoi and fallacies in the Critical Discourse Analysis (more precisely in its Discourse Historical Approach branch), while the second part, Questions and doubts about visual argumentation, tackles some important methodological problems pertinent to the field of visual argumentation.

Argumentation in critical discourse analysis combines two thematically connected papers (modified and revised): ‘Topoi in critical discourse analysis’ was first presented as a key-note address at the 2009 conference on Political Linguistics in Lodz, Poland, while the second one, ‘Fallacies: Do we “use” them or “commit” them?’, was a follow-up of the Lodz paper, presented at the Ontario Society for the Study of Argumentation conference at the University of Windsor, Canada, in 2011.

Second part, Questions and doubts about visual argumentation, consists of two narrowly connected papers (modified and revised): ‘Is there any­thing like visual argumentation? A short exercise in methodical doubt’, first presented at the 1st European Conference on Argumentation in Lisbon in 2015, while the second one, ‘Perception, inference and understanding in visual argumentation (and beyond)’ is its follow-up, presented at the 2nd European Conference on Argumentation in Fribourg, Switzerland, in 2017.

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