Positive Youth Development in Contexts.

Urednik(i): Ana Kozina, Nora Wiium

Vrsta gradiva: znanstvena monografija

Leto izdaje: 2021

Obseg: 266 strani

ISBN-13 (PDF): 978-961-270-341-7

ISBN-13 (HTML): 978-961-270-342-4

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Kozina, A., Wiium, N. (eds.) (2021). Positive Youth Development in Contexts. Ljubljana: Pedagoški inštitut.


Kozina, Ana, Wiium, Nora, eds. Positive Youth Development in Contexts. Ljubljana: Pedagoški inštitut, 2021.

This monograph offers a starting point for Positive Youth Development research in Slovenia with clear links to the research in international settings. An overview is also provided of the complexities of the various contexts of Europe and Slovenia able to influence positive youth development. Thus, while the research reported in the monograph focuses on the Slovenian context, it is ambitious enough to also reach beyond the country’s borders to include the international research community. In addition to novelty and innovation in a scientific context, the presented research is socially relevant, especially for its inclusion of immigrants and other young people at risk in the school and wider social contexts.

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